Nobody else sells keyboard mallets that are more durable and more versatile than ours. With three pairs of mallets that are at home on both xylo and glockenspiel, a pair of the aluminum Eridanus for glock, plus our popular Farnsworth xylo mallets and a pair of the super versatile Lyra mallets, it will be a long time before you find yourself needing another pair of xylo or glock mallets. 




1 pr. Farnsworth - rattan handles (xylo)


1 pr. Lyra - rattan handles (xylo/accessories: great for woodblock, temple blocks, multi-percussion setups, small gongs, etc. Can also be used for note-bending on vibraphone as well as the upper register of a marimba)


1 pr. Delphinus - rattan handles (xylo & glock)


1 pr. Draco - rattan handles (xylo & glock)


1 pr. Vela - rattan handles (xylo & glock)


1 pr. Eridanus - fiberglass handles (glock)


$182.70 Regular Price
$164.43Sale Price
  • Our products are handmade and are made-to-order. It will take 3-6 weeks for you to receive your order.


    Our turnaround time is typically about four weeks, but that time can vary based on time of year and volume of orders. All of our mallets are made to order and will take at least three weeks to ship. We are a tiny, two-person operation and we are sticklers for quality! We want to make sure everything is perfect before it gets shipped out.