The design of this stick is based on an old 1940s, WFL-era jazz stick - the s4A. During the 1940s and 1950s, Americans were experiencing the "Golden Age of Broadway," which saw the creation of numerous musical classics including "Oklahoma!," "On the Town," and "Guys and Dolls" among several others. 


The stick encompasses the versatility necessary for many drummers and pit orchestra musicians. While it is perfectly at home around the drum kit, its length, weight, and durability also allow for a great feel and sound on snare drum, bongos, cowbells, tambourines, and other accessories. 

This is not your super-skinny, featherweight jazz drumstick. It was made to be a workhorse and to provide a full and even tone from drums and cymbals. This stick is great for theatre work, big band playing, gospel playing, or anywhere that you need a reliable, all-purpose stick. It also performs wonderfully for most multi-percussion pieces.


The Broadway is also available as a swizzle stick with a general mallet on the butt end. You can find them on the "Drumsticks" page.

Broadway | American Hickory | Drumset & All-Purpose

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  • Length: 16.5"

    Grip diameter: .563"

    Avg. weight (per stick): 56g

    Bead shape: Teardrop

    Species: American Hickory